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Lab Puppies For Sale
(updated 08-22-14)

Legacy Labs is the home of the White Labrador Retriever.  Our breed and color are very rare, and the most beautiful you will ever see. Our pups are bred for their wonderful temperament and terrific disposition.

DEAR CLIENTS - Please "LIKE US" on Facebook, as you will receive all the updates on puppies as fast as we post them. WE post many more pictures on Facebook of puppies, as it is FREE to do so and its much FASTER. CLICK ON EACH ALBUM THAT UNDERLINES as there are many more photos underneath what you are seeing as the main photo. Please click the follow us icon here:
 Legacy Labs will be rehoming 3 gorgeous mature white Labs. 

Legacy Labs will be rehoming 3 gorgeous mature white Labs. Please call for details and pictures . There will be 2 females and 1 male. If you are wanting a great lab, but not wanting to go thru the puppy stage, these stunning mature dogs could be for you. Please call Kathie at (972) 679-5720

Policy on Additional Photos

I love that families enjoy my photos! We work really hard to take these photos. It takes two or three people about two hours per puppy to bathe and groom a puppy for their pictures It takes another 30 minutes to take the photos and download and email them. Because of the amount of time it takes per puppy, PLEASE don't ask me to take additional photos. If you really need additional photos after you have purchased your puppy, the additional cost will be $45.00. Photos and video are $95.00. Our goal is to have these babies in their homes, then you can see them every minute of every day! Thank you for understanding!


Hello to all my friends of Legacy Labs! We will offer my most amazing Male, Cash for re-homing. Cash is a great lab and family pet! He is offered with full breeding rights and he is OFA cleared, both Hips and Elbows. He is a clown, loves to swim and fetch,and is first and foremost a great family pet. We spent many thousands for him, and he has passed all testing. He will produce excellent pups and be your best friend. He is offered as a pet (with no breeding rights ) at 795.00 and is offered with full breeding rights at 2000.00. He is a great breeder and is always an active breeder. There is a video and pics of him on the home page at www.legacy-labs.com. Cash will go to an approved home for a trial period of 2 weeks. These homes must be in a location that is considered"local" within a few hours of driving. If you feel that Cash is a match, then the dog is yours. If for any reason,you are unhappy with Cash or fit with your family, then the dog must be returned to us and we will refund your money. These are dogs that mean so very much too us and have served us in every way that they could.

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DEPOSITS are now open for the fall 2014 and holiday season!


    1. CALL me and please tell me you intend to reserve a puppy. Please don't send in         money without confirming that we have puppies available.
    2. Fill out the deposit form on the legacy-labs website. It is on the info pricing         page. We must have this form signed with your signature. Send in this form via         internet and then also a hard copy with your signature to our address. Please         include your 300.00 dollar check made payable to Kathie Williams. Your 
        deposit is not firm untill we have your check.
    3. Mail checks to:
                                    Kathie Williams
                                    9300 FM 1641
                                    Terrell, Texas 75160

EXPECTING: Isis & Remington Labs!

We have bred Isis and Remington! She is due at anytime. She looks to have a good sized litter and we will let you know via Facebook when pups have arrived. We are accepting deposits NOW! Isis is bright white and I am so excited to see her first litter. Deposits are $300 - pups will be 2200 - balance due at 6 weeks. 
EXPECTING: Tango's December Litter!

​My beautiful Tango has honeymooned and she should be expecting White Lab puppies in time for December delivery into new homes. Tango is a gorgeous female and is a quality girl with a championed pedigree. Tango has a gorgeous block head and I just love her sweet expression which is so accentuated by her deep black points and beautiful eyes. Tango is BRIGHT white and her previous litter was just stunning! This is a litter that I am so very excited about and I can't wait to show these beautiful babies to you when they finally do arrive. Tango has the sweetest personality and loves her toys! Truly, she is as great of a lab as one could want. Shes a calm easy going girl that's loaded with personality and love. Any family would be blessed to have a pup from our sweet Tango. WE are taking deposits on this litter now and pups will range in price from 2250-2500.00.All the most current info will be on our facebook page, so be sure to go see all our great doggies at www.facebook.com/legacy-labs. It is important that you "like" the page so that you will see all our updates. WE will post when Tango is in labor and all her newborn photos will be posted here first!
November Litter: Valentine's Pups

I always love posting photos of my gorgeous girl Valentine. She is confirmed pregnant and we believe her babies will be ready for their new homes at the end of October to early November 2014. Its an embarrassment of riches at Legacy-Labs as our vets told us that 2 of our girls were not pregnant. Well as you can see, she is pregnant! We thought she wasn't expecting, so we bred 2 more girls. OH MY GOODNESS, this will be the most white Labs we ever had, so everyone should be able to have puppies this fall. I love the timing of when these babies will be ready.. they come before the crazy holiday season,so families can spend the needed time with their new puppy. The weather is fabulous, and it makes puppy walking and puppy training so much fun. It's my favorite time of year! Valentine has always been one of my favorite girls. Shes drop dead gorgeous, a really big girl, and so much personality! Look at her stunning head! They dont come any prettier than my sweet Valentine. This is a heavily championed pedigreed girl. She really is as good as it gets. Any family would be blessed to have a pup from our sweet Valenttine. WE are taking deposits on this litter now and pups will cost $2500.PLease remember all our white labs are sold on limited registration. All the most current info will be on our facebook page, so be sure to go see all our great doggies at www.facebook.com/legacy-labs. It is important that you "like" the page so that you will see all our updates. WE will post when Valentine is in labor and all her newborn photos will be posted here first! The photos of the pups that you are seeing in this post are the full siblings from her last litter. THis is what your pups will look like! GORGEOUS!

Athena's Litter!

My stunning Athena has a litter of 9 outstanding puppies. Athena is a big girl, a taller lab with a gorgeous blockey head and she is bright white. The sire to this litter is Remington. He is a son of Shasta and cash both have been amazing family dogs here at legacy labs Athena and Remington have a mild easy going way about them. These pups will be perfect for families wanting a "doing" type dog with a calm easy personality. Her pups are unusually pretty all are bright white with gorgeous block heads. We have several deposits on this litter but we will accept a few more deposits. These babies will be ready for new homes about mid-September. Call Kathie to discuss any of the puppies to your family. Please remember we support limited registration.

Baily is a lovely white lab that is as sweet as you could ever want. She has a wonderful playful personality, yet loves to sit under my desk while i work on my computer. she is 7 years old and is ready for a wonderful retirement period. she will be great with a family with children as she has that perfect lab personality that loves to be loved, yet she is a ball chasing queen. She is house trained bailey is also a chow hound and is overweight at this time. she would benefit from a family that wants companionship while going on long walks. We want the perfect life for her so families with large yards or ranch life are what we are seeking. If you can offer baily a better home with a life of ease then please call Kathie and we can discuss her placement into your home.