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Lab Puppies For Sale
(updated 03-25-15)

Legacy Labs is the home of the White Labrador Retriever.  Our breed and color are very rare, and the most beautiful you will ever see. Our pups are bred for their wonderful temperament and terrific disposition.

DEAR CLIENTS - Please "LIKE US" on Facebook, as you will receive all the updates on puppies as fast as we post them. WE post many more pictures on Facebook of puppies, as it is FREE to do so and its much FASTER. CLICK ON EACH ALBUM THAT UNDERLINES as there are many more photos underneath what you are seeing as the main photo. Please click the follow us icon here:
Policy on Additional Photos

I love that families enjoy my photos! We work really hard to take these photos. It takes two or three people about two hours per puppy to bathe and groom a puppy for their pictures It takes another 30 minutes to take the photos and download and email them. Because of the amount of time it takes per puppy, PLEASE don't ask me to take additional photos. If you really need additional photos after you have purchased your puppy, the additional cost will be $45.00. Photos and video are $95.00. Our goal is to have these babies in their homes, then you can see them every minute of every day! Thank you for understanding!


    1. CALL me (972)-679-5720 and please tell me you intend to reserve a puppy.         Please don't send in money without confirming that we have puppies available.
    2. Fill out the deposit form on the Legacy-Labs website. It is on the info pricing         page. We must have this form signed with your signature. Send in this form via         internet and then also a hard copy with your signature to our address. Please         include your deposit ($500 for white labs, $400 for red labs) dollar check (or         credit card payment) made payable to Kathie Williams. Your deposit is not firm         until we have your check.
    3. Mail checks to:
                                    Kathie Williams
                                    9300 FM 1641
                                    Terrell, Texas 75160
Zoey's Puppies!
Carley's Red Puppies have arrived!
YEA!! Carley's puppies have arrived more pictures will be available soon and on facebook..Please check back for more updates..These babies will be ready for their new homes in Early March 2015.WE are accepting deposits now.. Call Kathie 972 679 5720
Clint (green bow)
Expecting a litter of Championed White Labs from Valentine!
Valentine and ZEUS Have honeymooned and we are expecting a litter of gorgeous White Labradors! We expect these babies in April 2015 .Valentine and Zeus have long been best buddies and I always laugh at them as they always travel together all over our ranch..I say they are joined at the hip! Valentine and Zeus are just exceptionally beautiful..as the photos show! Valentine has the toy in her mouth and Zeus is never far from her! This is repeat litter and the previous litter from this pairing just knocked it out of the park..They were so gorgeous! Valentine doesn't have huge litters.. usually about 6 or so so we wont take a lot of deposits..These pups will be show stoppers and Championed pedigrees to boot..These pups will be priced at 2500.00 please remember we support Limited registration.More Zeus photos on our home page.. scroll down please
Bethy has honeymooned and we are expecting Gorgeous white Labrador puppies!
This gorgeous girl is a show stopper!! She may be one of the prettiest females we have ever raised! 
This will be Bethy's first litter and we are just thrilled that she is expecting! We will accept deposits on this gorgeous litter..but Bethy is a first time mother.. so we will see how it goes.. No more than 5 deposits on this litter while litter in in utero. Then we will analyze and adjust when the litter is here.. Legacy-labs may retain a puppy from this litter..These pups will be bright white, Champion pedigree and dripping gorgeous!! It doesn't get any better than this, in our lab world.. pups are 2500.00
Zadie (purple bow)
Zana (lime green bow)
Zara (lite pink bow)
Zara (lite pink bow on left)
Zelda (red bow)
Zenia (no bow)
Zack (light blue bow)
Zane (blue bow)
Zeke (deep pink bow)
Casey's Pups have Arrived!
Casey 3 little red lab girls are HERE!! Aren't they adorable..I think I will call them the Supremes!! Aren't they the cutest babies!! We are taking deposits on these 3 babies ..NOW.. priced at 1750..Call Kathie 972 679 5720