You will be notified by email/text that you are on the reservation list for an upcoming litter that will potentially produce a puppy that will fulfill your requests. (If litter arrives and a suitable match for you has not been produced, you can choose to roll your deposit to the NEXT litter). We will post litter pictures and/or video of your puppies approximately at 2-week intervals.  We cannot take additional pictures as this process takes us many hours. We are known as the most prolific picture takers ever! We strongly suggest that you like us on Facebook as we always post updates for each litter on Facebook. It is a public page, so you do not need a Facebook profile. We are using Facebook as an extension of our main website, so that we can easily post more photos and pictures for you to see.

6. Vet Examinations

Adoption Steps

Adoption Process

3. Confirm puppy has been reserved

7. Puppy Pickup at 8 weeks

5. Balance and Travel Fees Due at 6 weeks

The first step to owning a Legacy Labradors' puppy is to complete our application. Once your application has been reviewed, we will contact you to discuss any questions and let you know the approval status of your application. Once approved, we will request that you send your deposit of $500. The deposit is non refundable unless a puppy that fits your request is not available within 6 months. A full refund will be issued in this case or you may move to the next litter. Deposit can be made with a personal check or credit card. Deposits are important, as families will select their future family member in the order that their deposit is received. We do not take many deposits, unlike other breeders. WE take very few deposits and we want to keep our deposit list current. We do not take deposits for a specific litter until we have a confirmed pregnancy. Other breeders will take deposits randomly and will make you wait months and even a year. Our goal is to deliver a puppy into your arms as quickly as possible with no extended wait. Typically you will place a deposit and only be waiting a few weeks till your litter is born. We believe we have the fastest available option for you to receive a Legacy puppy. All deposit holders have first option if any puppy should become available unexpectantly. It often happens, that although families have been waiting for weeks, something will come up that makes the timing of their new arrival unacceptable. Deposit holders will have first options on babies that become available. This can drastically shorten the wait time.

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2. Send $500 Deposit

Please note***

We ask your cooperation in a few matters:

*We are always closed on Sundays. Please do not ask for Sunday appointments and please limit your calls to us on Sunday. You are welcome to text and email, but typically we will respond on Monday.

*ALL puppies will be thoroughly examined by our veterinarian. We will not release until this vet exam has taken place. Veterinarian schedules can sometimes be subject to delays. So please understand, we will not release until the veterinarian agrees that our puppies are ready for release.

*We LOVE meeting our families, however please remember, you are guests in our home. We are not a store. We want you to enjoy your visit to our ranch, but please, stay in the designated areas to visit, as horses and other animals are on our property and could inadvertently case injury or harm.

We sincerely appreciate our clients and we look forward to meeting each of you!

Effective communication: We encourage you to thoroughly read our web site and Facebook page. We have created so much information for you, our potential clients. We try to be effective communicators, however, as you can imagine, it is impossible to talk every phone call we receive thru this process. We prefer specific questions via text or email, so we can answer at a quiet point in our day.

We do try and keep our web site up to date, however FACEBOOK allows us to post updates more rapidly that waiting on a Webmaster. USUALLY Facebook will have the most up to date answers. Pregnancy’s are announced first on Facebook and often our deposits are full from one Facebook post.

4. Arrange travel for puppy

At 7 weeks weeks we will schedule a visitation day for each family to visit and select their puppy. Puppies must be paid for in full by 6 weeks. This date and time will be posted on Facebook and will be a GROUP visitation. Only families with deposits placed are able to come to this visitation. It is not open to the public. Please understand, we cannot for the safety of our puppies show puppies individually. Viruses and bacteria travel on the bottoms of shoes and on clothes. Puppies under the age of 16 weeks have not received a complete set of vaccinations and are susceptible to all types of bacteria and viruses. We don't take any chances with our precious puppies. It is important that you are on time, as our babies are too young to be on view for very long. Most breeders are not allowing any visitations with the puppies, as puppy illnesses are now pandemic . WE believe you should see your babies and we are thrilled to meet you and to show you all the amazing attributes of these adorable puppies that we have been so blessed with.

Puppies will be available for pick up at 8 weeks. We will post a date and time for puppies to be picked up.

We kindly ask that you be available for the times we state on facebook. We typically release Saturday mornings.

1. Complete Application Here