Some of our Gorgeous Labradoodles that we consistantly produce! More pics and videos of some of the stunning labradoodles Legacy has raised

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 1. CALL me (972)-679-5720 and please tell me you intend to reserve a puppy.

2. Fill out the deposit form on the Legacy-Labs website. It is on the info pricing page. We must have this form signed with your signature. Send in this form via internet and then also a hard copy with your signature to our address. Deposits made via $500 credit card payment and with final payments made by certified funds (wire transfer) or cash.

**We are now required to charge Texas sales tax**

Halen - Red Coloring - Green Bow - Boy

Rush - Light Blue Bow - Boy

Mother - Hazel

Rhudi - Lime Bow - Girl

Hannah - Red Abstract - Pink Bow - Girl

Video of the Rhudi and Herschel

Available Puppies​ (shown below)

Roma - Red Bow - Girl

Video of Hannah and Holmes

Many thanks to all those who love their Legacy Labradoodle!

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Current Labradoodle Puppies

Rin - Red Bow - Girl

Roxie's Doodles
Are ready to go home with you today! Call/text to find out which of Roxie's pups are still available. Roxie is standard size and keeps her deep red color! As some families may already know, Roxie doodles are highly sought after as they are such amazing all around doing doodles! They will love outdoor adventures and being your furry co-pilot of life. Should mature to around a good medium size. These doodles will love the water and to fetch and retrieve. Their colors will continue to darken and their noses will also continue to darken, so the bits of pink you see in the nose color will go away. Roxies pups are great minded, very calm and chill, but love to be loved and cuddled. Hypo-allergenic and non-shedding. Call/Text Kathie at 972-679-5720 to place a deposit ($500) to make a Roxie doodle part of your forever family.

Priced at $1995.

Please fill out an adoption and deposit form when you do decide to get a Roxie doodle!

Raffi - Green Bow - Boy

Rowan - Black Bow - Girl

Holmes - Orange Bow - Bow

Policy on Additional Photos

I love that families enjoy my photos! We work really hard to take these photos. It takes two or three people about two hours per puppy to bathe and groom a puppy for their pictures It takes another 30 minutes to take the photos and download and email them. Because of the amount of time it takes per puppy, PLEASE don't ask me to take additional photos. If you really need additional photos after you have purchased your puppy, the additional cost will be $45.00. Photos and video are $95.00. Our goal is to have these babies in their homes, then you can see them every minute of every day! Thank you for understanding!

Labradoodles we have raised in the past!

updated: 06/12/2019

Hazel's Pups

Hazel's pups are ready to go home with you as soon as you can pick them up! Only a few pups remain so don't delay and give us a call/text today! These pups are just such lovers! With such cool, calm, and chill demeanors. We are so fortunate to have such a loving and experienced mother as Hazel to raise her pups. Can we say jaw dropping gorgeous?! This is one stunning looking litter, I just can't describe enough how beautiful they are! These pictures don't even do their vibrant colors justice. They are such strong and healthy pups! Deposits are $500 dollars will hold your choice of puppy! Hypo-allergenic and non-shedding which is a win-win! All have been vet checked, vaccinated, comes with health papers, and are nearly potty trained.

Call or text Kathie at 972 679 5720. Priced at $1995.

Please fill out an adoption and deposit form when you decide to adopt a Hazel Doodle

Herschel - Dark Blue Bow - Boy - $OLD