We have one great family dog left available, that are is ready to retire to an easier life than our 20 acres! We will be selective to the homes that they go to. WE have one girl Roxie. Mango is an AKC beautiful chocolate and white poodle that is happy and living and enjoys the ranch life. She bounds over our acreage, like she is dancing her happy dance. I love to watch her! She is Standard size, and registered AKC and hypo-allergenic and non-shedding. She will do well with a family that has children. She has had a beautiful litter of pups and was an excellent mother. I believe she is about 4 years old, but will confirm. She loves people and loves being on the go.
If you would like to add Roxie, a beautiful, healthy, doggy to your family PLEASE TEXT Kathie at 972-679-5720.

Roxie is a superstar and is priced at $995. Again please text. I want Roxie to have a LOCAL home unless you are able to drive to come and get them. Roxie deserves a great family with so much love to give! Please fill out an adoption and deposit form when you decide to make Roxie a part of your family.

​​​​​​Molly's Labradoodles

These gorgeous pups will be ready for new homes in less than a week! Molly is a mini labradoodle and weighs about 23 pounds. Morgan is a deep red 37 pound, AKC Poodle. This litter is just so stunning and has multiple sizes available! All of the puppies are a beautiful red color with every puppy having lots of white accents! All will be hypo-allergenic and non-shedding. Puppies were almost my little Valentine’s as they were born on February 13th. All our doggies are loving and special. However, Molly is a superstar, for us because she defeated a near tragedy when she was a puppy. While we were on vacation, she was injured very badly. She was kicked by a pony and her leg was completely shattered. Our vet said then she would be difficult to save her life. I just couldn’t do this to my sweet Molly. It was a long story, but as you can see, Molly defied all odds. And with a wonderful specialized surgeon, her leg and life were saved. She is such a treasure in our lives. Molly loves being a mother and she adores her pups. Morgan is my dedicated, loyal, ranch helper. As he loves to go with me on my many daily chores on our horse ranch. He is a comedian let me tell you! He’s super smart and has a laid back personality, that balances Molly’s, an always enthusiastic nature. There are a total of nine little Molly angels and each is pictured here with descriptions. Parents are pictured below. All of these puppies will be hypo-allergenic and non-shedding. They are F1B and can range in size from 20-37 pounds based on their current sizes. Prices start on this litter for pet homes at $2295 ($500 deposit). Pet homes must provide spay and neuter by 16 weeks. We will consider breeding rights on a few of these labradoodles as they are just so gorgeous. Deposits for full breeding rights is $1000 and not refundable unless we cannot supply the puppy. Call/Text Kathie at 972-679-5720. Please fill out an adoption and deposit form when you decide to one of Molly's little angels a part of your family.

Benne - Red Male - Lots of White

Current Labradoodle Puppies

DEAR CLIENTS - Please "LIKE US" on Facebook, as you will receive all the updates on puppies as fast as we post them. WE post many more pictures on Facebook of puppies, as it is FREE to do so and its much FASTER. CLICK ON EACH ALBUM THAT UNDERLINES as there are many more photos underneath what you are seeing as the main photo.


 1. CALL me (972)-679-5720 and please tell me you intend to reserve a puppy.

2. Fill out the deposit form on the Legacy-Labs website. It is on the info pricing page. We must have this form signed with your signature. Send in this form via internet and then also a hard copy with your signature to our address. Deposits made via $500 credit card payment and with final payments made by certified funds (wire transfer) or cash.

**We are now required to charge Texas sales tax**

Policy on Additional Photos

I love that families enjoy my photos! We work really hard to take these photos. It takes two or three people about two hours per puppy to bathe and groom a puppy for their pictures It takes another 30 minutes to take the photos and download and email them. Because of the amount of time it takes per puppy, PLEASE don't ask me to take additional photos. If you really need additional photos after you have purchased your puppy, the additional cost will be $45.00. Photos and video are $95.00. Our goal is to have these babies in their homes, then you can see them every minute of every day! Thank you for understanding!

Daisey - Red Bow - Girl

Many thanks to all those who love their Legacy Labradoodle!

more reviews can be found on our Facebook page of all our happy Labradoodle families

Major - Light Red Bow - Boy - $OLD

Red Solid Male - with beautiful white accents on chest and all his four paws. He has a white marking on his forehead as he was kissed by an angel

updated: 04/01/2020

Magician - Blue Bow - Boy - *PENDING*

​Red Parti Tuxedo - wears the Blue Bow - This puppy is a Red Parti Tuxedo - He is a show stopper and should be medium sized

Marcello - Yellow Bow - Boy - $OLD

​Solid golden color with darker red ears and white accents on all four paws and chest. This color is just gorgeous as the red accents mingle with the golden coat and is so very pretty. Should be a smaller sized pup.

Merrick - Burgundy Bow - Girl - $OLD

​Merrick will be medium sized, probably 30 pounds, and she is a beautiful red puppy with white on all four paws and a perfect “blaze” on her darling face

Available Puppies​ (shown below)

Roxie - Labradoodle - Girl

Mother - Molly (left) & Sire Morgan (right)

Mystere - Red Bow - Girl - $OLD

Red Parti - ​Lots of red color with a gorgeous face

​​Betsy's Last Mini Labradoodle

​Ready and Available Now

Benne is still available and you can surprise someone special or treat yourself! Benne is just the kindest, gentlest, loving pup around. Benne has grown up playing and being with other pups. Will make for any easy transition into your family. He loves the outdoors and is just such a pleasure to have around. Very smart and quick learner. Don't let this opportunity pass you by! This pup is labradoodle to poodle, making them the most non-shedding and hypo-allergenic! I expect Benne to find a loving home quickly so please call or text KATHIE at 972-679-5720 to place a deposit via credit card over the phone. Please fill out an adoption and deposit form when you decide to make Benne a part of your family.

Mika - Pink Bow - Girl - $OLD

​Red Solid Female with White Accents - Pink Bow - Mika will be Molly’s size as she is one of the smallest in the litter. She has dramatic white accents on all four paws, chest, and beautiful face markings

*New Photos* Dottie's Last Mini Phantom Gal Daisey!

OH MY! Daisey is the last remaining mini phantom doodle available from Dottie's litter! She is 16 weeks old and the hottest pup on the market is MINI PHANTOMS (the eyebrows are too cute!) Ready and available to go home with you today! They are also Parti factored! They hit the genetic jackpot! DAISY WEARS THE RED Neck bow! She wears the red bow and is just so stunning. What a love she is and hasn't met a stranger! Friendly with everyone as she has grown up in a group setting. Great lap companion but will also put a smile on your face when she plays! Daisey should mature to about 20 pounds. THEY are GORGEOUS pups beautiful soft ringlets of curls. Hypo-allergenic and-non shedding. Wonderful personalities! Available now and priced at $2495. Call or Text Kathie at 972-679-5720 Please fill out an adoption and deposit form when you decide to make one of Dottie's pups a part of your family.

Some of our Gorgeous Labradoodles that we consistantly produce! More pics and videos of some of the stunning labradoodles Legacy has raised

​at the bottom of this page!

Magnus - Light Blue Bow - Boy

​Solid Red with a plethora of white accents. All four paws are white, a beautiful blaze and large white chest markings. He is a beauty!

Matteo - Orange Bow - Boy - $OLD

Red Solid Puppy - Has dramatic white accents on all four paws, chest, and an angel kiss on his forehead. He looks to be a smaller puppy. His expression is just so sweet.

Labradoodles we have raised in the past!

Marshall - Green Bow - Boy - $OLD

​He is a red parti and is beautifully marked with a RED symmetrical mask! He’s a deep red color and is marked dramatically.

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