Peter - Blue Bow - Boy

Miss Mobley - Lime Bow - Girl - SOLD

Miss Mango's Doodles!

I am so happy to finally reveal Miss Mango's charming litter of chocolate and white labradoodles! The babies are such a delight and blessing to have. Unbelievable good looks and blossoming personalities these puppies are growing up strong and healthy! They should mature to a decent medium size around 35-40 pounds when grown. Ready to go home with you today! Mango's puppies will come with all the goodies, vet check, vaccinations, started potty training, and comes with health papers. Hypo-allergenic and non-shedding. Call/Text to put a deposit ($500) down on one of Mango's puppies! 

Please fill out an adoption and deposit form when you adopt a puppy! Priced from $1200 to $2200.

Prissy - Purple Bow - Girl

Madden - Orange Bow - Boy

Available Puppies​ (shown below)

Hearts a Fire - Pink Bow - Girl

Polly - Green Bow - Girl

Many thanks to all those who love their Legacy Labradoodle!

more reviews can be found on our Facebook page of all our happy Labradoodle families

Magic Mike - Black Bow - Boy

Miss Molly's Labradoodles!

OMG MISS MOLLY's Labradoodles!! I am so very proud of my new mother Miss Molly! Look at her stunning litter of labradoodles! I Believe they will mature at 25-35 pounds! Miss Molly has a very special story! When she was a puppy, while we were out of town, she stayed with a person that had a small farm. They were happy to babysit my beautiful girl, as she is just such a love.. We were going on vacation and they were happy to keep her for me. 
I got an urgent phone call from our vet, saying Molly had been kicked by a pony and her leg was broken. It was beyond broken..It was shattered. He said Molly's only hope of survival depending on amputating her leg..I just couldnt bring myself to do she would be very compromised on our ranch and would be unable to move quick enough to keep herself from yet more injuries.. I begged my vet to find a surgical option. He had a old schoolmate that was a specialist in orthopedics. After many hours of conversation with this specialist, he said he would try and save her leg.. We had an employee drive Miss Molly many states away to a waiting vet team.. She went straight into surgery.. Her recovery was long and hard.. She came out of surgery with a chance..If the surgery didnt work, then we would have to amputate, and I knew that for her own good, I would have to place her in a home. She was such a great pup. She came out of surgery and had to stay sedated, quiet and calm for a week until we could get back home to take care of her. Poor baby lived in my arms and zipped up in my jacket, so she could see the out doors, as she went everywhere zipped up inside my jacket to stay safe and warm. Her life depended on her ability to stay calm and put no weight on the leg. That is so very difficult for a sweet happy puppy to do.. WE worked with her thru many months of rehab and swimming. It is with tears in my eyes that I show you MISS MOLLYS puppies! DID she make it with her leg saved?? YES YES YES..she did!! Now you would never know it had been injured!! She runs all over our ranch and we just love her dearly!! Video is of MISS MOLLY -Today!! Molly is a daughter of MAY! Prices on this litter start at $2495.00. EVERYONE LOVES these colors! Hypo-allergenic and no shedding!! PUPS ready to go home in February 2018! Please fill out an adoption and deposit form when you adopt!

Mother - Whiskey (left 2 photos) and Sire - Chip

Milan - Orange Bow - Girl

Current Labradoodle Puppies

Labradoodles we have raised in the past!

Peppy - Solid Blue Bow - Male

Maggie - Green Bow - Girl - SOLD

Paris - Red Bow - Girl

Paris Parker's Last Doodle Peppy!

Peppy is ready to go home with you today! Paris Parker’s doodles are always so very pretty. They are all chocolate parti and Paris Parker is one of our smallest females weighing in at 25 pounds. The Sire to this litter is also chocolate and white and is our Australian Labradoodle male named Chip. Both have fantastic personalities and are a complete delight. This litter will be so much fun for the new families that select them. Paris and Chip are both doing dogs that love to retrieve and swim and be on the go. Their coats are always a beautiful soft fleece which is very silky to the touch. Paris Parker‘s puppies will bring in the new year with a bang and be ready to go home now! These puppies will be medium size and some will even be small medium. They are hypo-allergenic and non-shedding. Please call or text Kathie at 972-679-5720 to place a deposit on this litter. Peppy is priced at $1995.

Don't forget to fill out an adoption form and a deposit form if you are adopting. Thank you!

Melvin - Blue Bow - Boy - SOLD

Maddie - Pink Bow - Girl

Paige - Black Bow - Girl

Some of our Gorgeous Labradoodles that we consistantly produce! More pics and videos of some of the stunning labradoodles Legacy has raised

​at the bottom of this page!

Misty - White/Pink Bow - Girl

Perry - Blue Bow - Parti - Boy

Penelope - Orange Bow - Girl

Priscillas Pups

Can we say breathtaking? Oh My are these pups just stunning! Wonderful mother Priscilla blessed us with a lovely litter of pups. As you can see they are growing into major beauties! I just love all the different colors in this litter! These pups will be ready to go home in a few weeks. They'll be vet checked, vaccinated, started potty training, and comes with health papers. Don't forget hypo-allergenic and non-shedding. Call/Text Kathie at 972-679-5720 to place a deposit ($500) to hold your pup. Please fill out an 
adoption form and deposit form if you do decide to adopt any of Priscilla's Pups!

updated: 02/19/2018

Policy on Additional Photos

I love that families enjoy my photos! We work really hard to take these photos. It takes two or three people about two hours per puppy to bathe and groom a puppy for their pictures It takes another 30 minutes to take the photos and download and email them. Because of the amount of time it takes per puppy, PLEASE don't ask me to take additional photos. If you really need additional photos after you have purchased your puppy, the additional cost will be $45.00. Photos and video are $95.00. Our goal is to have these babies in their homes, then you can see them every minute of every day! Thank you for understanding!


 1. CALL me (972)-679-5720 and please tell me you intend to reserve a puppy.

2. Fill out the deposit form on the Legacy-Labs website. It is on the info pricing page. We must have this form signed with your signature. Send in this form via internet and then also a hard copy with your signature to our address. Deposits made via $500 credit card payment and with final payments made by certified funds (wire transfer) or cash.

Verona - Purple Bow - Girl

Whiskey River Puppies
VALENTINE DAY SPECIAL! Two of THE PRETTIEST FEMALES I have ever bred! They both give hugs and Kisses!! FETCHES! BEST PUPs EVER!!!! Meet My beautiful GIRLs CUPID and Hearts a Fire! PICTURES CURRENT as of Feb 5 1018! They are Whiskey Rivers Beautiful medium/mini F1b Labradoodle! We expect both these babies to weigh between 35-40 pounds. They are both POTTY TRAINED and RISK FREE PUPPIES as they have had their vaccinations and completely vet checked in writing! They are FULL of Charisma and Bounce and pounce..Cupid and Hearts a Fire plays hard for about 15 minutes and then love to turn over for tummy rubs! Both pups are CHILLED LAID BACK! PRICED at $2295 each. Calm and easy with all the hard work done for you!! Their mom is a beautiful, AKC registered, Champion Kit-Sue lined Parti Standard poodle, and their father is a registered Australian Labradoodle. Both parents are genetically tested and clear of any issue, and all pups come with genetic and hip and eye guarantees. Cupid and Hearts a Fire are ready to go home now and will come with all age appropriate shots, worming, and parasite control. They will also have a full vet exam and detailed health certificate! They are doing great on potty training, and already know how to use a doggie door and go to their crate on command! You can see many of Cupid and Hearts a Fire siblings - all grown up with their new families on our facebook page at
Please feel free to call or text Kathie at 972-679-5720 to discuss making Cupid or sweet Hearts Afire part of your family!

 Please fill out an adoption/deposit form when you adopt!

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Mother - Paris Parker (pictured on the left) and Sire - Chip (2 right photos)