Ringo - Burgundy Ribbon

Solid Red Male - Heavy White Accents

Rhett - Purple Ribbon

​Solid Red Male - Heavy White Accents

Rue - Light Pink Ribbon

Solid Red Female - Heavy White Accents with 4 paws and chest

Video of Rosie's Poodles

Mother - Rosie

Sire - Rosco


 1. CALL me (972)-679-5720 and please tell me you intend to reserve a puppy. 

2. Fill out the deposit form on the Legacy-Labs website. It is on the info pricing page. We must have this form signed with your signature. Send in this form via internet and then also a hard copy with your signature to our address. Deposits made via $500 credit card payment and with final payments made by certified funds (wire transfer) or cash.

Raini - Dark Pink Bow

Solid Red Female - White Accents with 4 Paws and Chest

Rosie's Poodles are here!
Exceptional Red Red Standard Poodles from ROSIE and ROSCO!
They're finally here! What an outstanding litter of deep red poodles we've been blessed with! This litter is Sired by Legacy Rosco RED who is Champion Sired. Additionally Rosco has been shown and named a Champion as well. I love genetics and I have been working to accentuate “white accent” markings to an extreme. Every puppy will have the beauty and the genetic code to produce gorgeous show stopping puppies. My gorgeous Princess Rosie is the mother and these poodles will have the “white mane” that I just love to see. Both are deep red in color with extreme white accents. Both parents are AKC Registered and from show lines – I love that Rosco has a great personality and has all the confidence to show and be successful. There is so much time that has gone into finally having such an amazing litter of deep red puppies with dramatic white markings! This litter is an out cross that is impossible to find. We will retain a puppy from this litter.. Too many breeders forget to emphasize temperament. Temperament is my most important attribute when breeding. I want a great minded, confident dog, that carries a charisma that just stops people in their tracks. Everyone recognizes this gorgeous dog as someone special. Both Rosie and Rosco are great dogs and great parents. They are proud confident and beautiful. I know this will be inherited in these pups!
Call/Text Kathie at 972-679-5720 to discuss this litter.

Ranger - Lavender Ribbon

​Parti Red Male - Deep Red

Rico -  White Ribbon

Solid Red Male with heavy white accents on all 4 paws and chest

Rusty - Orange Ribbon

Solid Red male - Heavy White Accents on all 4 paws

Available Puppies​ (shown below)

Current Poodle Puppies

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updated: 08/13/2018

Raider - Red Ribbon

Parti Red Male - Deep Red