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Welcome to Legacy-Labs

Home of the White Labrador Retriever!

And Gorgeous Non-Shedding Labradoodles and Poodles!

Recommended by D Magazine..."Best place to purchase a Labrador Retriever", 
and also featured in Just Labs Magazine!

Sharing Our Thoughts About Our Labradors

The White Labrador Retrievers of Legacy-Labs is located 30 minutes from downtown Dallas. We have bred and raised rare Labrador Retrievers for 20 years. We consider ourselves boutique breeders; we usually have one litter at a time, and rarely two. Our mature dogs are family members, each and every one. They are raised on our 20 acre Arabian horse ranch, which is fenced in its entirety for the safety of our animals. We have ponds to swim in, birds to chase, and shade trees to relax under on those hot Texas Days. All our puppies are birthed in our home. As each baby is born, Russ and I fuss over each arrival with all the anticipated joy of grandparents. To put it very simply, we adore our dogs. We won’t bore you with the hours we spend trying to select attributes and distinctly unique positive qualities that we try so hard do isolate and duplicate. I love the diversity of genetic possibilities. While it is true that we are famous for the rare color of our Labradors-there is so much more that goes into it. Everyone wants a beautiful stunning puppy that stops traffic. We go even further. We try to minimize negative behavior traits, for example, our line of pups and mature dogs are quieter and will rarely excessively bark. Many clients have looked at me like I am a little nuts when I say this, but time and time again, they will come back and say ”It’s friends have even commented on how quiet our dog is.” Many people have asked me if intelligence and loyalty is genetic and the answer is easy, of course it is. We have all experienced or witnessed a neurotic or aggressive dog. This is the type of animal we all wish to avoid. Our Labradors are known for their loyalty, intelligence and charisma-as well as their stunning great looks. This is an easy statement to say, but we can brag for hours on the accomplishments of our labradors. We have “Storm”, who is a veteran search and rescue dog, we have several accomplished Master Hunters and we can state that Neiman Marcus has selected our dogs for their clients. We have sold to many celebrities and have been featured in “Just Labs” magazine and have been selected by D Magazine as “the place to purchase a Labrador Retriever”. These are all great accomplishments, but the best compliment we ever receive are our heartfelt letters, Christmas Cards and emails from our families that just have to let us know how their dog is unique and truly the best dog ever. We smile because we know, they are our treasures and they are our family members too. We completely understand.

I have been asked by many –“How did you get started” I believe we are born with gifts and passion. My passion for as long as I can remember has been animals. In addition to our rare Labradors, we also isolate unusual genetic qualities of our Arabian Horses. These two passions grew together over time. Horses are also exotic animals that just capture our imaginations and attentions. I have spent 20 years breeding rare Arabian Horses. It is because of the decades spent studying our animals that I see more than most when they look at the animal. I actually see what type of eye is most engaging, the shape of the eye, the type of expression that speaks to us. I can go on and on, but I believe you see what I mean.

Legacy-Labs was not created as a business venture. It was created out of a love for the animal. Russ is a CPA in Dallas and I own my own business in addition to Legacy-Labs. Some people might say that our pups are too pricey but we believe that through decades of breeding, we offer one of the best dogs available on the market. We feel they are priceless. The demand for our puppies has grown substantially over the years yet we refuse to mass produce. It is my favorite saying “Great dogs produce great pups” What this means is happy, healthy, mentally strong moms and dads produce great pups. It takes all our care and attention to keep all their needs fulfilled. I feel committed to each and every puppy, each and every family. We are committed to the physical, emotional and mental strength of each dog and pup at our facility. This is our commitment to you, as well as our pups. 

At this time we have three males that are our main sires at Legacy-Labs. Our males do not stand at stud to the public at this time. Please remember we support Limited Registration.

Legacy Alamo

We support limited registration.

Located 20 miles from Downtown Dallas on I-20. We appreciate your interest and invite your inquiries. For driving directions go to the contact us page.

We invite you to browse the happy families we have helped create on our reviews page.

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