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Guardian Program


Legacy-Labs remains committed to keeping our breeding dogs and litters in private home settings as opposed to making them kennel dogs that rarely get interaction or love. In order to achieve the genetic diversity needed for a successful breeding program, Legacy-Labs has found that we need to maintain more breeding dogs than we can accommodate living in our homes as our pets. First, we have adult girls that are currently producing litters from 2-5 years of age. Second, we need young girls to grow up to replace these adult mothers. Last, we have stud dogs.

Our solution was to reach out to find “guardians” to our breeding dogs. A guardian dog lives with the guardian home as their pet. We retain breeding rights to that dog for a set period of time. Once the dog’s breeding career is completed, they are spayed or neutered and live for the rest of their life as the guardian home’s pet.

Can anyone become a guardian home?
No, we maintain very high standards as to who can own our dogs and how they are treated and cared for. If the guardian is not someone we know well, we have an extensive interview process. All guardian homes sign a contract that outlines exactly what the terms of the agreement are. Guardians must live within 15 minutes from our home in Terrell and must make themselves available when we call.

How much time will my guardian dog spend away from home?
It depends on several factors. If you house one of our males, we will borrow him here and there for a few days at a time. Probably no more than once or twice a month for a few days at the most. If you have a female, then we would have her for around a week when she is first bred, then we would have her for about 8 weeks when she has the pups.  Most mother dogs have 4 litters with us.

What costs are associated with being a guardian?
You are responsible for daily care and normal costs associated with owning a dog: food, vitamins, grooming, basic vet bills. We pay all costs related to reproduction: special supplements and reproductive vet bills.

What types of dogs are available as guardians?
We may have Labradoodles and Labrador Retrievers that are looking for guardian homes.


***Check with Legacy-Labs regarding the Guardian Program current availability***

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