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Some of our gorgeous poodles that we consistently produce! More pics and videos of some of the stunning labradoodles Legacy-Labs has raised​ as you scroll down this page!


1. CALL me (972)-679-5720 and please tell me you intend to reserve a puppy.


 2. Fill out the adoption and deposit form on the our website. It is under the Adopt menu dropdown. We must have this form signed with your signature. Send in this form via internet and then also a hard copy with your signature to our address. Deposits made via $500/$1000 credit card payment and with final payments made by certified funds (wire transfer) or cash.


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Full AKC

Burgundy Poodles

Ready Now

Maria and A Boy Named Sue are so very thrilled to share the news!
RED RED AKC Poodles! Maria’s beautiful litter of RED Poodles has made their entry into the world. QUALITY and dramatic COLOR!
PUPPIES born red start lighter and darken considerably as they age. These will be the darkest pups you can find as I have doubled up on the color intensity! For a newborn litter to be this dark is VERY rare. Remember also the parti pups are born with white frosted tips on their fur. As the pups grow the newborn frosting will be replaced by the intense red color, however if you look closely you can see how dark these pups are. Additionally, any camera struggles to show the color correctly. This litter IS DARKER than pictures and video show.
I do love the selection sweet Maria has given us. We have bouncing boys and beautiful girls. We have dark red with white accents on all paws and big white markings on their chests. All puppies have beautiful masked faces or white accents on their faces. This will be a litter that just stops folks in their tracks. Something about these deep red to burgundy colors just amazes folks that see them. I often take this pair out to local pup friendly dining porches and there is always a line to pet them. Most folks are shocked when they see this color and are truly amazed when they see these lovely kind pups! Maria and Sue are both great minded familypoodles with wonderful temperaments. They are both laid back easy going doggies that are a joy to have at our ranch. Both enjoy playing over our ranch and will stay with me as I do my daily walks on our ranch.
Maria is one of my Darker red moms and she has held her color well. Maria stands about 21 inches tall and weigh right at 40 pounds. She is a daughter of our stunning Santana! Sue is sired by Ben the BOY from Kit-sue lines. Ben is from Champion lines. He weighs about 48 pounds and stands 23 inches tall. Maria and Sue are tested genetically and are embark clear. WE anticipate a release of these gorgeous poodle pups right around the end of March. Of course only if the vet releases them and we feel they are ready to go to new homes.
The video shows the newborn pups.
This litter is available to breeders wanting full AKC- They will be priced starting at $3995 with full AKC breeding rights. BREEDERS will have first selection of these rare puppies as the demand for them is huge. Pet pricing starting at $1495. A deposit of $1000 via belle or Venmo will hold your selection. Balances are DUE in full when puppies are 6 weeks old, we will release them at 8 weeks, if the vet agrees. We do not take credit cards for final balances as they charge 3 percent or more. Balances may be paid via or Zelle pay or wire transfer. Please TEXT Kathie at 972-679-5720 for more info or to place a deposit. Please fill out an adoption and deposit form when you do decide to adopt.


Butch Cassidy - Lavender Bow - Boy
Dark parti w lots of color


Mother Maria and Sire Sue

HIPPY CHICK and Morgan’s AKC


TEXT 972-679-5720. I am jumping for joy with this extremely rare litter! All these puppies are extremely dark with amazing white accents! Those of you that follow me, know how very long I have been studying these genetics! There isn’t enough testing to know for certain, but I KNOW when I see these INTENSE RED AKC POODLES! These puppies are genetic GAME CHANGERS! These drop dead gorgeous pups will be offered to breeders first. The majority of this litter is dark Burgundy with even more white than Santana had! These pups will be even prettier than he is! Additionally if these gorgeous color and high white markings aren’t enough to impress you. Then let me add these puppies will be EMBARK clear, as both parents are! This litter should be ready about mid April and deposits are coming in now. Both Morgan and Hippy are small standard size- we expect puppies to be in the 40 pound range . We will sell this group with full AKC starting at $3995 each -we will not sell the entire litter with full AKC rights as these are very rare genetics and highly sought after. Also please don't ask me to genetically test every puppy. I cannot do this and wait for results. Both parents are KYKB and will produce phantom. 
I am so very proud of this litter. As most of you know from speaking with me we are heading into the time of retirement. Not sure when this will actually happen, but the litters I have now, are game changers for breeders! I am thrilled to share over 30 years of genetics with these litters. Call or text 972-679-5720 - if you need quick questions answered text is best. We can schedule a time to actually talk, if needed.

Pet pricing starting at $995.

I will speak personally with each family before accepting deposits.

Please fill out an adoption and deposit form when you do decide

to make one of these babies yours.

Happy - Navy/Black Bow - Girl
One of the prettiest faced pups. They are all dark dark red and Happy has high white on her paws and genetically will produce dark red and parti and high white, abstract

Honey - Green Bow - Girl
Another beautiful faced puppy, so much quality! Abstract with white accents everywhere! She loves her toys and is cuddle bug! 

Harvest -
Orange Bow - Girl

Perfect markings describe this parti girl! She has a perfect masked face and is very dark red. Additionally, it's HARD to have parti’s with black noses. This girl has every genetic characteristic a breeder will need! She has the sweetest personality and is a laid back babygirl!

Heartly - Lime Bow - Girl
GORGEOUS HEARTLY! The color! OMG the COLOR! This beautiful baby girl has all the beauty you could ever want. She has the deep burgandy color and the dramatic white markings that are so sought after! Really, no one releases a puppy this beautiful as they are so difficult to find. She has the sweetest chilled personality and I think she is a perfect puppy for most any family. Everything about Heartly is a win.
Call or text Kathie 972-679-5720 to discuss adding her to your family!

Merry Cherry Poodles
Her babies are jaw dropping gorgeous! I can't get enough of them. Sitting poolside, doing yard work, or driving around town these pups keep me company. Who doesn't love having your fur baby attached at the hip! These darlings are just the kindest and gentlest poodles. So much love to give and all around chill pups. They're ready and available today.
Call to place a deposit to hold your baby.
Standard Pet pricing starts at $3495.
Please call/text 972-679-5720.

Sweetheart - Girl

Gorgeous Pup
Super sweet boy and just a doll to be around. He's got the looks, and the kindest personality. So smart and quick to learn. He's been socialized since he was young and gets along great with others. He's ready to go home with you today.
Please call/text 972-679-5720 for his discounted price

Hugh - Boy