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Some of our gorgeous labradoodles that we consistently produce! More pics and videos of some of the stunning labradoodles Legacy-Labs has raised​ as you scroll down this page!


 1. CALL me (972)-679-5720 and please tell me you intend to reserve a puppy.


 2. Fill out the adoption and deposit form on the our website. It is under the Adopt menu dropdown. We must have this form signed with your signature. Send in this form via internet and then also a hard copy with your signature to our address. Deposits made via $500/$1000 credit card payment and with final payments made by certified funds (wire transfer) or cash.


**We are now required to charge Texas sales tax**

Gorgeous Red Boy Wally!

Could you imagine having one of these red pups! It stunning and beautiful boys Pumpkin in the red bow and Wally in the orange bow! Such the kindest and gentle pups! These photos capture a glimpse of their wonderful personalities! Pumpkin has the most pretty eyes. I try and show you that his baby coat is growing in a beautiful red color with a painted white chest. He's a showstopper and is already just dripping gorgeous. I can't get enough of Wally either, just look at his stunning red color. Both of these pups are amazing, easy going babies with beautiful coats and some of the rarest colors that families just love. This group will be standard size and will be great with families with children! they are hypo allergenic and ready for new homes now. Spring time is around the corner and these loving boys will add so much joy to your lives. They have the right balance of play, yet LOVE to be held and are very sweet mannered! I don't believe I've heard them bark yet, very chill babies. They are 12 weeks of age and have had their vaccinations, age appropriate and are NO SHED!

These babies are ready now and will delight your family for years to come!

Call/Text 972-679-5720

Please fill out an adoption and deposit form when deciding to make Pumpkin or Wally a part of your family. 

Wally - Orange Bow - Boy

RED RED Labradoodles from my sweet NALA! 

NALAS PUPPIES ARE HERE! If you have ever experienced the unconditional love of a great doggie, then you realize it is truly a blessing for your life and those in your family! Nala comes from a long line of great doodles! I raised Nala’s mom, ”Nellie” as well as Nellies mom-Nicky. This litter will be a 4th generation litter of a great line of doodles! Nala is a “doing” doodle, just like her mom and grandmother before her. She loves to retrieve! She will bound across my pastures, in her happy dance. I love to watch her move. She loves all people and all creatures. She loves to be on the go with a family! Her puppies will be perfect for a family with children as Nala will be the hit of the soccer game! Nala’s pups should be medium sized about 30 pounds as Nala is. Morgan, the sire to her litter is about 36 pounds. However both Nickie and Nellie were only 30 pounds. I expect her pups to be great family doggies.

We have so many requests for RED RED doodles! I expect this litter to be spoken for very fast! Nala’s puppies should be here soon! Enjoy the pictures of NALA’s heritage’s I am so proud to have found all these older photos of Nellie and Nickie. We will begin accepting deposits on this litter now. We will only take about 4 deposits prior to litter being born. Then after the puppies are here, we will open deposits again. Puppies will be hypo-allergenic and non shedding! WOW, 4 generations of great doggies, just touches my heart! I can’t WAIT to see these pups! They should be red, with white accents and possibly a red parti or 2! Call or text Kathie 972-679-5720 to place a deposit on this litter. Please remember, it's the deposit that secures a puppy for you in this litter. Filling out the deposit form is very helpful, but does NOT hold a puppy for you. PLEASE remember, deposits are not refundable, but can be moved to a later litter. Labradoodles in this litter will start in the $2795 range however the wild red and white parti’s will be $3795.

Please fill out an adoption and deposit form when deciding to make one of Nala's labradoodles a part of your family.

Niko - Lavender Bow - Boy

Red Abstract, White on 4 paws, chest

Ned - Yellow Bow - Boy

Red Abstract, Smaller puppy, white on 2 paws

and chest

Nash - Teal Bow - Boy

Almost Full Tuxedo "Red" - Irish Tux - High White

Noah *Pending Sale*

- Red Bow - Boy

Almost Full Tuxedo "Red" - Irish Tux - High White

Nadia - Pink Bow - Girl

Parti - Basically Tuxedo - Irish w/ white mane, high white paws

Nova - Pink Curly Bow - Girl

Parti - Red Tuxedo, high white on legs/mane

Nosara - Red Bling Ribbon

- Girl

Parti/Red Tuxedo, high white on legs/mane

Nora - Cream Eyelet Ribbon - Girl

Red Abstract, white on paws and chest

Nicole - Silver Ribbon Flower - Girl

Red Abstract, white on paws and chest

Mother - Nala

Sire - Magician

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